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Mehmet Yitmen

Mehmet’s Certificates

Courses taught by Mehmet


Mehmet Yitmen is a management and technology consultant/trainer helping organizations to be more agile and productive. For the last 10 years he worked with more than 400 teams and 30 companies including Telecom, Finance, Banking, Insurance, E-Commerce, Logistics, Software Development, Tech Startups etc. In Vodafone, he was leading VF TR Agile Transformation, was an active Member of VF Agile COE, and supported OPCOs: Turkey, Qatar, UK, Egypt, Germany, Kenya.

Also, he is the author of the Best Seller ”Scrum Bir Dönüşüm Hikayesi’’ and “Scrum: Usta Sorulara Uzman Cevaplar”. Mehmet is also the founder of AgileTurkey.org, the biggest nonprofit Agile community in its region since 2008 that supports the market to enhance business agility. He also actively supports some other nonprofit communities such as Agile Middle East, Agile Bosnia and Agile Greece. As an enthusiastic entrepreneur, Mehmet has been featured as one of the successful young rising stars in business by Fortune Turkey’s 40 Under 40 for the years between 2011 and 2015. He is one of the very first Scrum.org’s PSTs (Professional Scrum Trainer) and has delivered global trainings to more than 5000 Agile enthusiasts for the last 8 years. Mehmet is certified as PSD, PAL I, PSM I, PSM II, PSM III, PSPO I, PSPO II, CSM, SAFe Agilist, and SAFe Program Consultant.

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Ahmet Akdag

Ahmet’s Certificates

Courses taught by Ahmet


Managing Partner. PST, PSM-I, PSM -II, PSPO-I, PSPO-II, PSD, CSM, CSP, SAFe Agilist, SAFe Program Consultant Ahmet is a consultant and a certified Scrum.org and SAFe trainer helping organizations through their Agile transitions. As one of the co-founder/contributers of the many Agile associations in his local market like Agile Turkey, Agile Middle East, Agile Greece and Agile Africa, he is serving to the non-commercial side as well.

Ahmet helps organizations adapt Scrum, Kanban and other Agile processes in the right way by teaching the fundamentals to all levels in the organizations, coaching management, teams and helping to design the organizational principles-practices-tools for enterprise Agility.

Contributing to over 20 large organizational Agile transformation projects and coaching over 400 teams in small to large scale enterprises, Ahmet’s expertise on management and framework design directed him to create high quality solutions and best practices for scaling Agile within the fundamental principles of Agile processes. He has been coaching and consulting companies with a combination of extensive know-how and experience on both the process and practices side of Agile.

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Ralph van Roosmalen

Ralph’s Certificates

Courses taught by Ralph


Ralph believes people make all the difference in every project. The people’s skills, how they work together, how they feel and just who they are. Scrum, Kanban, eXtreme Programming, Management 3.0, these are just tools or frameworks that exist to help people.

He has been working in IT since 1997. He had different roles: Software Developer, Tester, Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Team Lead, Manager and VP Software Development. What he always liked most, was working with people, to improve the processes and the environments they work in.

He is specialized in Management and Leadership coaching, Agile Coaching and Organizational Development support.

He is an active member of the Agile community and shares his insights and knowledge by speaking at conferences and writing blog posts. In the last years he was invited to Agile Prague, Agile India, XPDays and Agile Lean Ireland for example.

In 2017 he published the book Doing It – Management 3.0 Experiences. The first book about Management 3.0 Experiences besides the books Jurgen Appelo wrote. He publishes blog posts regular via LinkedIn, Management 3.0 blog, and his personal blog.

As CEO of Management 3.0. presents his program worldwide where it is necessary. Making sure the owners of Management 3.0 are regularly updated. Besides the CEO, he is also responsible for managing the Management 3.0 content.

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Ivan Spresov


Ivan Spresov. I’m working with agile models more than 10 years. I have participated in delivery  of the different hybrid and agile projects and programs on different roles: developer,  tech lead,  scrum master,  product owner and coach.  The most complex role is coach,  as you have to see the project overall ( how planned,  organized,  sold out)  and at the same time your skills,  knowledge should be the skills and ideas of the project leaders.  There are a lot of work what should be hidden to external people – like support tooling setup or requirements management workflow,  release models and coaching team how to communicate with stakeholders etc.
I’m SAFe program consult and Certified Scrum Professional by Scrum Alliance. Also I was interested in value streams,  so that is why I earned the Kanban Management Professional certification and often combine different approaches on different dimensions and levels – team,  team of teams,  services,  portfolio.  I have supported the transformations and facilitated large-scale events like Program Increment and multi-teams plannings in the USA,  UK,  Ukraine,  Russia and Belarus.  I’m leader of Agile Belarus community and active contributer to the agile communities of the Uzbekistan,  Kazakhstan and Russia.

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Gunther Verheyen

Gunter’s Certificates

Courses taught by Gunter


Gunther Verheyen devoted himself to the IT development and software products after graduating in 1992.

Gunther began his experience in applying a flexible Agile methodology in software development with extreme programming, and in 2003 began working with Scrum.

Gunther Verheyen is a professional Scrum trainer from Scrum.org.

He quit consulting in 2013 to create a partnership team with Ken Schwaber, co-author of Scrum, at Scrum.org.

Gunter became Ken and Scrum.org’s European representative, controlled the release of the ‘Professional Scrum’ series, worked with a global network of professional scrum trainers at Scrum.org, and co-authored the Agility Path and Nexus framework for the Scaled Professional Scrum approach.

Gunther stopped working with Scrum.org in 2016 to continue working on Scrum as an independent development manager for Scrum caretaker.

In 2013, Gunther published the world-famous book, Scrum – A Pocket Guide (a smart travel companion). Ken Schwaber recommended his book as “the best description of Scrum to date” and as an “extremely competent book.” In 2016, a Dutch translation of his book was published, entitled “Scrum Wegwijzer (Een kompas voor de bewuste reiziger)”.

When Gunther does not travel with lectures around Scrum and humanize the workspace, he lives and works in Antwerp (Belgium).

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Magdalena Firlit

Magdalena’s Certificates

Courses taught by Magdalena


Magdalena Firlit – Scrum and Agile coach, consultant, trainer, mentor, life and business coach (certified trainer, ICF postgraduate student). With PST accreditation from Scrum.org, Magdalena can provide certified trainings like Professional Scrum Master, Professional Agile Leadership – Essentials and Professional Scrum Foundations.

  • 17+ years of professional experience.
  • Collaborated with Motorola Solutions, Saber, Luxoft, Philips Morris, DreamLab Onet.pl.
  • Mentor at techleaders.eu
  • Currently working in Guidewire Software as an Agile Program Manager and as an independent consultant

Magdalena is focused on flexible transformations of both organizations and teams. She collaborates with companies of various sizes and with all levels in the organization.

She also conducts trainings and seminars related to Agile, Scrum, Kanban and soft-skills.

She acts as a speaker at conferences, holds meetings with communities, seminars and trainings.

Upcoming trainings from Magdalena

Date Oct, 5 2020
at 10:00 am
Location Kyiv Online
улица Николая Пимоненко, 13, Киев
Language English
Taught by Magdalena Firlit
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Vladislav Bratina

Courses taught by Vladislav

• Specialist in Training and Development


Rhetoric and Negotiation Trainer

  • 6+ years of HR experience in the largest IT company
  • 1000+ presentations held
  • Rhetoric and Negotiation Trainer
  • Certified Personnel Training and Development Manager

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Oded Tamir

Oded’s Certificates

Courses taught by Oded


Oded Tamir – Professional Scrum Trainer, Consultant at SAFe, Head Coach and Trainer at Agilesparks, a leading Israel Agile company.

He manages the move to Agile and DevOps strategy in large international companies and IT departments.

For over 20 years, Oded has been in responsible management roles, including the Director of Information Technology (CIO) and Vice President Project Management at a large international company. During this period, he focused on crisis management and project management training.

Oded combines the skills of the project manager with expertise in implementing Scrum and scaling Agile, as well as rich experience in conducting trainings.

Oded is qualified as a Professional Scrum Trainer, as well as PSD I, PSM I, PSM II and PSM III certified. He earned an MBA from Manchester University, and organizational consulting from Bar Ilan University.

Oded Tamir had a speech at the ScrumDayUA 2018 conference in Kiyv and RunIT 2018 in Dnipro and also conducted the Professional Scrum Master training in Kiev.

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Vera Budian

Vera’s Certificates

  • ➖International Coaching Federation
  • ➖International Association of Career Professionals
  • ➖CareerWay (CA)
  • ➖Coach Institute.

Courses taught by Vera


An expert in creating a culture of highest efficiency in business, a trainer in international projects.

Certified consultant and coach on the system of internal motivation and tools of efficiency in work.

She is a programmer and psychologist by education, thus her trainings are as practical as possible and at the same time deep and interesting.

10+ years in consulting

The last 5 years – consultant and trainer in international training programs for business development (SIDA, Swedish government).

2000+ hours of practice as a trainer and coach.


  • SIPU and Jarskog (Sweden),
  • Altair Asesores (Spain),
  • EMS (Holland),
  • Incom Consulting (Greece),
  • European Commission (EC, EaPTC), etc.
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Konstantin Razumovsky

Konstantin’s Certificates

Courses taught by Konstantin


The first and only currently licensed Scrum trainer in the Republic of Belarus (CSM, PSM).

One of the first Russian-speaking trainers in the world.

He has worked for companies such as IBA, Tieto, exp (capital) and EPAM Systems.

Experience in the development sphere – more than 17 years.

He worked as a project manager, Scrum Master and Product Owner. Has experience in Quality Management (CMMI, ISO 9001).

He started as a Java developer and then held the position of the chief operating officer in a product company. Introduced Scrum both at the team level and at the project program level.

Creator of official translations of Agile Manifesto and Scrum Guide, author of articles on Agile.by.

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