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Mehmet Yitmen

Mehmet Yitmen is a management and technology consultant/trainer helping organizations to be more agile and productive. During these 10 years, he worked with more than 300 teams and 20 companies in telecom, finance, banking, insurance, e-commerce, logistics, software development, tech startups, and other industries. In Vodafone, he was leading VF TR Agile Transformation, was an active Member of VF Agile COE, and supported OPCOs in Turkey, Qatar, UK, Egypt, Germany, and Kenya.

  • The author of the bestsellers ”Scrum Bir Dönüşüm Hikayesi’’ and “Scrum: Usta Sorulara Uzman Cevaplar” (in Turkish).
  • The founder of AgileTurkey.org, the biggest nonprofit Agile community in his region since 2008 that supports the market to enhance business agility.
  • He actively supports other nonprofit communities, such as Agile Middle East, Agile Bosnia, and Agile Greece.
  • As an enthusiastic entrepreneur, Mehmet has been featured as one of the successful young rising stars in business by Fortune Turkey’s Annual “40 Under 40 Managers” in 2011-2015.
  • He is one of the very first Scrum.org’s PSTs (Professional Scrum Trainer) and has delivered global trainings to more than 5000 Agile enthusiasts for the last 8 years.

Mehmet Yitmen

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