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Ivan Spresov


Ivan Spresov. I’m working with agile models more than 10 years. I have participated in delivery  of the different hybrid and agile projects and programs on different roles: developer,  tech lead,  scrum master,  product owner and coach.  The most complex role is coach,  as you have to see the project overall ( how planned,  organized,  sold out)  and at the same time your skills,  knowledge should be the skills and ideas of the project leaders.  There are a lot of work what should be hidden to external people – like support tooling setup or requirements management workflow,  release models and coaching team how to communicate with stakeholders etc.
I’m SAFe program consult and Certified Scrum Professional by Scrum Alliance. Also I was interested in value streams,  so that is why I earned the Kanban Management Professional certification and often combine different approaches on different dimensions and levels – team,  team of teams,  services,  portfolio.  I have supported the transformations and facilitated large-scale events like Program Increment and multi-teams plannings in the USA,  UK,  Ukraine,  Russia and Belarus.  I’m leader of Agile Belarus community and active contributer to the agile communities of the Uzbekistan,  Kazakhstan and Russia.

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