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Management 3.0 Fundamentals

How to achieve employee involvement? How to calculate a fair salary? How to delegate effectively? And most important, how to apply these methods in distributed development teams?

New management techniques, approach, facilitation instruments — learn all of this in two days at the in-depth training on Management 3.0 fundamentals.

Starting on 03 Sep 2022, 10:00 am
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03 – 04.09.2022 Early bird price till 20.08.2022 495 395
Bogdan Misyura Early bird price till 20.08.2022
10 hours Duration of this class
Ukrainian Language of the class
Payment in installments Tickets for this event can be paid in installments. Terms are discussed in person after registration.
Who can attend

  • Top management: CEO, heads of quarters, and others
  • Middle managers and team leads
  • Delivery managers
  • HR specialists
  • Project managers
  • Product Managers, Product Owners, and all those responsible for direction in organizations
  • Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches
  • Members of Scrum Development Teams
  • Independent consultants
  • Change agents in culture change, innovation directors, digital and agile transformation leaders

You will learn about

  • How to make work in your organization more agile even without major changes like switching to a new framework
  • How to build and train self-organizing teams
  • How to give feedback and establish areas of responsibility
  • How to identify the motivators of team members
  • The transparent formula of calculating fair salaries
  • How to leverage the Management 3.0 tools to improve team spirit
  • How to make your team want to create a valuable product regardless of the orders, iterations, and incentives

“Thanks to this training, I've had a great weekend spending time with fun and benefit. Extremely grateful, definitely recommended.”Tetiana H.Project Manager
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Topics covered. Day one

Agile management methods

  • Challenges of moving to an Agile work environment.
  • Change of responsibility and involvement between manager and employee.
  • Complementarity of four Agile values and five principles of Management 3.0 (practical task).

As a result, you will better understand whether your company is ready for an easy transition to agile, whether you need it and why. If yes, what problems should be focused on when moving to agile.

Complex thinking

  • Fundamentals of work in a complex, changing environment.
  • Eight principles of complex thinking.
  • Bonus Challenge.

As a result, when making difficult decisions, you will learn to take into account the interests of people — internal and external stakeholders of the organization.

Motivation of people

  • External and internal motivators and exercises to determine the motivation of employees.
  • Moving Motivators and Kudo Box.

As a result, you will be able to use tools that will help you recognize, understand and satisfy the inner needs of your colleagues. After all, it has been proven that happy employees demonstrate significantly higher productivity and creativity with increasing quality of work.

Self-organization of teams

  • Levels of delegation, Delegation Poker, and delegation boards.
  • Decision-making matrices.

As a result, you will learn how to create self-organization and self-management in teams, give teams power and autonomy, distribute responsibility and delegate, and build trust in relationships with employees. All of this will be done safely for the organization and business.

Topics covered. Day two

Combining and aligning process constraints

  • Revealing values in the team and organization.
  • Inspiring goals. Mission, Vision, Goals.
  • Practice and ten criteria for goal setting.

As a result, you will be able to create an atmosphere of inspiration that unites people and build a system of shared values. This allows you to raise your teammates’ personal effectiveness and proactively achieve the organization’s goals.

Development of competencies

  • 7 approaches to the development of competencies.
  • Agile Talent Dynamics.

As a result, you will be able to increase the entire organization’s efficiency without increasing the headcount.

Organization structure

  • How to retain knowledge and experience within a scaling organization?
  • Meddlers practice.
  • Building effective interactions, balancing general knowledge and specialization.
  • Making a reasonable balance between dedicated experts and “universal soldiers”.
  • Supporting informal leadership.
  • Breaking the vicious circle of roles and positions.

As a result, you will be able to prepare for the scaling now, protecting yourself and the company from many mistakes.

Organizational changes

  • How to be a change agent in a complex, fickle environment (VUCA world).
  • General overview of 4 directions of Change Management: system, individuals, interaction, and environment.
  • Change Agent practice.

As a result, you will pass the challenge on how agile you are as a manager, how well you respond to changes, what ways to solve problems you choose, and which exist.


Participants who have attended both days can request an official Management 3.0 Certificate of Attendance.

With a little more effort, you can get a Management 3.0 Certificate of Practice, which is quite rare in the head market.

388% an annual increase in the number of participants in Management 3.0 trainings, according to Workshop Butler

03 – 04.09.2022

Bogdan Misyura
395 495

The price includes:

  • The class will be led by the certified Management 3.0 facilitator and the first Management 3.0 trainer in Ukraine Bogdan Misyura
  • Tools (or their digital layouts, if the training takes place online) of delegation — Delegation cards, gratitude — Kudo cards, meaningful dialogue — Improv cards, introspection — Personal map, motivation determination — Moving motivators, etc.
  • Reasonable, fair formulas for calculating wages, evaluating work, and considering errors
  • Brand new employee motivation system
  • Official Personalized Management 3.0 Certificate
  • Jurgen Appelo’s e-book “How to Change the World” with a detailed guide on how to be a change agent

The training materials are relevant and identical all over the world

The training materials are developed and supported by one of Scrum’s creators, Ken Schwaber, together with the Scrum.org PST community. They make sure that the materials always correspond to the latest practices and current situation in software development companies.

Our trainers conduct courses in their own style, according to their own experience, but the training materials are identical all over the world. Students learn the same things regardless of where the training takes place and who conducts it.

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