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Scrum‌ ‌Injection‌

How to work efficiently rather than 24 hours? How to build a strong team? The training gives answers to all these questions and helps to understand the changes in the Scrum Guide Reordered.needed in Agile? The training gives answers to all these questions and even more.
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DateComing Soon FormatOnline LanguageUkrainian Groupup to 16 people Duration8 hours
You will learn about Scrum and Agile, their principles and values, as well as understand why agile methodologies conquer the world (and not just IT-world).
We will help you win the battle and understand the updates of the Scrum Guide — the only document regulating Scrum.
You will understand how the Scrum Team works and what is the power of division into Roles. Learn to create, estimate, and order Product Backlog Items.
Eight-hour intensive on Scrum, lots of theory, 10 practical tasks, and common mistakes analysis. All this and more — on one-day training “Scrum Injection”.
Who should attend

  • For CEOs and managers of all levels
  • For Team Leads
  • For business analysts
  • For all IT professionals who want to improve efficiency
  • For beginners looking to learn Agile and Scrum

You Will Learn About

  • How to use Agile principles and values in your Organization
  • How to deal with updates to the only document governing Scrum — Scrum Guide
  • How to estimate work in the Product Backlog effectively and fast (and better than in Planning Poker)
  • How to write user stories
  • The difference between Scrum Roles
  • Scrum Framework and mistakes in implementing Scrum in your teams and organizations

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Session One


Acquaintance game.

Basics of Agile

Causes and scope of agile. Agile methodologies, their values, and principles. Why does this apply to everyone? Two exercises on the principles and values of Agile.

Empirical Process and Agile Methodologies

How to use Agile in practice.

Scrum Framework

Scrum Guide 2020 update. What is outdated in the 2017 version, what has not changed. A game: who remembers Scrum Guide best 😀

Doing Scrum

Roles, Artifacts, Events. Why so many Events and how does it work in the system? Two exercises that help to master the spectra of responsibility of Product Owner and Scrum Master.

Definition of Done


Why did they return commitments to Scrum Guide 2020? What are Product Commitments, Sprint Commitments, incremental commitments?

User Stories and Product Backlog Items. Product vision

Product vision on the example of the Google case. Product vision in practice: a team exercise. What are the elements of Product Backlog. How to write a user story (theory and practice). What story is small enough.

Estimation and ordering in Scrum

Hours or story points? We will learn to estimate and prioritize 🔥


Trainer — Bogdan Misyura

Bogdan Misyura is an experienced agilist, student, and friend of Jeff McKenna (the coach of the first Scrum team in the world). Once QA Engineer, QA Architect, PMO, Delivery Manager, today he is an Agile Coach and consultant of different companies all over the world. He worked in Adobe as an Agile coach, Agile program manager, delivery manager. At various times, he provided Agile coaching at Netwertise, Levi9, Infopulse, Tieto, Альфабанк, Райффайзен, ПроКредитБанк, UDP Renewables, Plank Electrotechnic, Simbrella, ОТАКОЇ, Magento, and so on.

  • Leading trainer, experienced speaker, Agile events organizer
  • In software development since 2006
  • A coach and a trainer since 2013
  • More than 3000 training participants and students
  • Agile / Scrum coaching carried out in more than 30 companies around the world
  • CEO @ brainrain.com.ua
  • Co-organizer of the largest one-day conference on Scrum and Agile in Ukraine Scrumdayua
  • The first PTN (Professional Training Network) Member @ scrum.org in Ukraine
  • PST (Professional Scrum Trainers) Candidate


- What made you interested in Management 3.0? Why is it so valuable for you?

- It has all started from the magnificent story of Jurgen Appelo. Common management is limited by its approach to a human as a resource. Management 3.0 is management with a human face, management of people, for people, and with people. This is the concept of Agile implementation through people, not through processes, documents, and rules.

Trainer — Bogdan Misyura

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Scrum‌ ‌Injection‌