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The official 2-day Scrum Scaling Certification training - Scaled Professional Scrum (Nexus). The training program and materials were prepared by Scrum creator Ken Schwaber and experts. The cost of the training includes a certification exam, official study materials, lunch and coffee breaks.

What are Nexus and Scaled Professional Scrum?

To date, many companies have already successfully learned how to use Scrum within individual teams. For medium and large companies, the main problem of using Scrum has become the following: how to build an effective Scrum process when two, three, and possibly tens or even hundreds of Scrum teams work on a product. There are several ways to do this and several well-known approaches (SAF, etc.). None of these approaches is a silver bullet (although some of them try to create a false illusion of this). In addition, individual approaches redefine the roles of Scrum in their own way, and also explicitly or implicitly violate the values ​​and principles of Agile and Scrum. Ken Schwaber and experts have developed their own approach based on their own vast experience, which became known as Nexus or Scaled Professional Scrum. While doing so, Ken and proceeded from the following:

  1. A scaled Scrum must first and foremost remain the Scrum. All Scrum values, principles and elements remain valid, but they are added with several scale-specific elements, standardized in a special small document – the Nexus Guide.
  2. Despite the fact that the general principles remain the same, specific practices, especially those related to technical excellence, automation at different levels, and not limited, are of great importance when scaling. That is why, in addition to the basis (Nexus), the new approach to scaling contains about 50 practices (not compulsory, but useful in many cases).

Thus, Scaled Professional Scrum consists of two parts – the Nexus Framework and approximately 50 recommended practices, many of which may be useful in your project. At the training, we analyze both of these parts.

Why Scaled Professional Scrum?

It goes without saying that many teams use Scrum formally or mechanically, not fully understanding its principles and the real goals which each Scrum element was created for. Mechanical Scrum can still hardly work at the level of one team, but when scaling up all problems multiply exponentially and turn a large project into real hell. experts define the mechanical and professional Scrum. The last is taught in courses such as Professional Scrum Master. If you are new to what professional Scrum is, then the best thing you can do before scaling is to learn this in detail and start with implementing professional Scrum in your teams.

Training content:

  • Nexus goals and features, the main differences from other scaling models
  • team building Principles in the conditions of scaling
  • Principles of organization of work in the conditions of scaling
  • New roles, events and artifacts in Nexus
  • Nexus in action – basic rules
  • Product Backlog Refinement in the conditions of Scaling
  • Planning and dependency management
  • solving common scaling issues
  • 50 practices that can be useful when scaling
  • Scaling giant projects: Nexus +

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