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Professional Scrum with Kanban is a two-day certificated training organized by, that combines the best of the Scrum and Kanban universes and helps Scrum teams to become more effective by using Kanban practices.
Course purpose

Course purpose

The course provides theoretical knowledge and practical skills for those who want to manage the creation and maximization of the software products value based on Agile and Scrum.
The course will help you.

The course will help you.

The course is based on a list of practical exercises while doing which participants on their own experience master the basic principles of product development in Agile. This form of work, which is much closer to reality, gives an opportunity to achieve a greater effect and greater participants satisfaction from the training!
Who is the course for

Who is the course for

For those who practice Scrum in your organization

  • Product Owners
  • development teams
  • Scrum Masters.
  • Kanban teams that are interested in working on Scrum.

Almost every successful Scrum team sooner or later starts using individual Kanban practices – for example, visualization and work in progress limiting. The reverse is also true: every good Kanban team should do daily meetings, retrospectives, and perhaps other Scrum practices.

Kanban is a method based on a pull system of production, that is, a limit on the amount of work in progress. Simply put, everything is arranged in such a way that stagnant tasks can be easily seen and distributed more profitably for the team. This allows you to identify operational problems and motivate employees to improve.

Those who practise Kanban adhere to several key principles:

  • reliance on existing methods;
  • agreement on incremental, evolutionary changes;
  • Respect for the existing order, roles and responsibilities.

If you are already using Scrum and want to add some Kanban practices, these principles will be very useful to you. Kanban practices help to guide the empirical process of inspection and adaptation. However, they do not require the replacement of roles, meetings and artifacts taken in the Scrum Guide.

Training Topics:

  • Professional Scrum Basics
  • Kanban theory and principles
  • Kanban in practice: simulations and exercises
  • The flow of value and its visualization. Definition of workflow
  • Metrics and quantitative process control
  • Using Kanban in the Scrum team context

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Тренинг является официальным сертификационным  тренингом от компании Все участники курса получат пароль для прохождения теста Professional Scrum with Kanban I (PSK I).

Экзамен проходит онлайн на сайте Если вы воспользуетесь паролем в течение 14 дней и не наберете хотя бы 85%, вы получите вторую попытку сдачи теста без доплаты.

За посещение курса (не сдачу экзамена) участники также могут получить 14 баллов PDU от Project Management Institute (PMI).

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