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12 Aug 2022, 10:00 am

Professional‌ ‌Scrum‌ ‌Product‌ ‌Owner‌ ‌ (PSPO)‌

PSPO certification training is designed for in-depth study of the organization of work using Scrum from a business perspective. Here, we study how the Product Owner and the Scrum Team create products with maximum value.
Starting on 12 Aug 2022, 10:00 am
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Date12–13.08.2022Time10:00 am FormatOnline LanguageUkrainian Groupup to 16 people Duration16 hours
The training provides in-depth knowledge and practical skills to those who manage the development and maximization of the value of Agile and Scrum-based software products.
Training with many practical exercises and tools helps participants to learn the basic principles of Agile product development.
This close-to-reality approach is both more effective and more interesting for the participants.
The training is conducted under the program of the international organization Scrum.org and prepares you for the PSPO I certification assessment at Scrum.org.
Who should attend

  • For product and project managers
  • For Product Owners
  • For business analysts who want to understand how to maximize the value of software products and increase the efficiency of their development based on the use of Scrum, Agile, and Lean
  • For developers, testers, and other members of Scrum Teams who want to better understand the features of Agile product development using Scrum

You Will Learn About

  • The best practices and principles of Agile Product Management
  • How to build the concept of value
  • How to develop product vision and strategy
  • How to create and refine the backlog of the product
  • How to work with user stories
  • Story mapping, impact mapping, and other popular approaches that every product team should be able to use these days

“Well-structured training session with an unexpected +1 day benefit.”Yaroslav S.Agile Coach & Consultant
“The training was extremely helpful and interesting for me, I got the answers to the questions I had and enjoyed the process. Slava is an excellent trainer who has a lot to share and can explain everything using real examples.”Daria C.BA/QA
“It was intensive training, which gave a lot of useful information and a desire to develop in this direction”Andrei B.Project Manager
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PSPO is the official certification training of Scrum.org. All participants will receive a password to take the Professional Scrum Product Owner I (PSPO I).

The assessment takes place online at Scrum.org. If you use your password within 14 days and do not get at least 85% (minimum passing score), we will give you another try at no additional cost.

The list of PSPO I and PSPO II certificate holders is published on Scrum.org.

For participation in the training (even if the test fails), students receive 14 PDU points from the Project Management Institute (PMI).

How can I claim my PDUs

80% of our students take the PSM and PSPO certification tests on Scrum.org on the first try.

Topics covered

Valuable products creation with Impact Mapping

Using Impact Mapping techniques to better understand customer needs. We will talk about the product value, how to understand it from the client’s point of view, and how to prioritize the tasks of the Scrum team accordingly.

Products and projects. The difference of the product paradigm

A project can fail even by fully maintaining the design paradigm. In the product approach, we deviate from the traditional parameters of determining the success of a business and start using an expanded range of metrics. The idea is to go beyond the iron triangle, to look wider and understand the importance of the end-user in business processes.

Value-Driven Development

The potential value of a product, ways to define and measure it. Backlog prioritization according to the product value.

Product strategy. Roadmap. Business Model Canvas

Building a product business model from scratch (behind the wheel). Aligning company goals and product goals.

Product vision

Techniques of product vision creation.

Agile Product Development

Changing a traditional planning and development approach to an adaptive one. Using incremental-iterative development tools to receive quick feedback. Product development strategy in a highly uncertain environment.

Scrum as an engine for Business Agility

The empirical nature of Scrum. We focus on the Scrum Framework, the role of the Product Owner as an Agile Product Manager in this framework, the game rules, and the ability to utilize existing tools for product value maximization.

Scrum Framework

Complicated environment and empiricism as an effective method of decision-making.

Requirements prioritization techniques

Working with the stakeholders, minimizing the unnecessary, and approaches to streamlining the Backlog as a whole.

Techniques for working with the Backlog. User Story Mapping

We are talking about how to break existing plans or requirements into iterative chunks. Long-term release planning. Introducing and discussing MVP.

Product Backlog as the main tool of the Product Owner

What is a Product Backlog, its properties. Techniques to ensure transparency and accessibility of the Product Backlog for all the members of the Scrum process.

Continuous Product Backlog Refinement

Approaches and techniques of Product Backlog Refinement.

How to work with requirements in Agile/Scrum. User Stories

How to formulate an idea into a concrete, workable specification. How to grow the idea into the implementation. How to ensure that the result you get will match the original design.

Release Management. Planning and tracking project progress in Scrum

Release planning strategy. Pros and cons of different strategies and approaches. How Scrum releases happen, how to get post-release feedback, and how to use the data to plan future releases or adjust the plan.

Qualities and skills required to perform the role of Product Owner

Trainer — Bogdan Onyshchenko

Bogdan is a Professional Scrum Trainer at Scrum.org.

  • Has over 10 years of IT experience as a Developer, Scrum Master, Product Owner, and Trainer.
  • Over the last 6 years, he designed and managed IT products of different sizes, from startup to enterprise, in telecommunications, logistics, retail, and online gambling domains in Ukraine, Poland, and Germany.
  • For the last 3 years, he is busy conducting Scrum and Agile trainings.

Having experience with all the accountabilities on a Scrum Team, he obtained a deep understanding of underlying details that make Scrum Teams truly great.

He believes in a practical approach to education. His trainings are highly interactive, full of practical recommendations, exercises, games, and real-life experiences.

Bogdan also hosts the Plus50agility podcast where he talks to industry experts to get an in-depth understanding of different aspects of business agility.

Trainer — Bogdan Onyshchenko

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The price includes:

  • 16 hours of training with the Professional Scrum Trainer
  • A set of Scrum.org official training materials
  • A voucher for the PSPO I assessment (2 attempts)
  • A discount for the PSPO II assessment

The training materials are relevant and identical all over the world

The training materials are developed and supported by one of Scrum’s creators, Ken Schwaber, together with the Scrum.org PST community. They make sure that the materials always correspond to the latest practices and current situation in software development companies.

Our trainers conduct courses in their own style, according to their own experience, but the training materials are identical all over the world. Students learn the same things regardless of where the training takes place and who conducts it.

Professional‌ ‌Scrum‌ ‌Product‌ ‌Owner‌ ‌ (PSPO)‌

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