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Igor Zabolotnyi

Presentation agency owner, founder of the Artscribe University. Scriber, graphic facilitator, director, and artist of the business class presentations.

- My mission is to save the world from information overload with the help of business drawings.

Looking for how to spice up your presentations at the board and team meetings? How to add clarity to your ideas, how to make your speeches convincing? Igor Zabolotnyi's scribing and sketching course will help.

Igor’s top projects: Richard Brenson (USA), Kjell Nordström (Swiss), Evgeny Chichvarkin (UK).

He also worked with:

  • mobile providers: Lifecell, Vodafone;
  • banks: Альфа-банк, ПУМБ, UkrSibBank;
  • online-school: Роман з Китаєм;
  • business conferences: Global Inspiring Forum, TEDex;
  • international organizations: the UN;
  • construction companies: Saga;
  • law firms: Мережа правового розвитку, LVF;
  • pharmaceutical companies: GSK.

Igor Zabolotnyi

Courses taught by Igor

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