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17.10.2020 - 18.10.2020
Starts at 10:00
Management 3.0 is a certification workshop on modern Agile Management, which will turn upside down your attitude towards the Team and Organization. A two-day training in Management 3.0 occurs according to in-depth program.
Course Objectives

Course Objectives

Building a microclimate and trusting relationships in a team, finding ways to motivate, increasing the professionalism and responsibility of employees, instilling a flexible management philosophy and practical tools for its implementation
The course will help you.

The course will help you.

The course is based on a list of practical exercises while doing which participants on their own experience master the basic principles of product development in Agile. This form of work, which is closest to reality, allows achieving a greater effect and greater participants satisfaction from the training!
Who Should Attend

Who Should Attend

  • a manager willing to switch to a new management style;
  • a middle manager;
  • a team leader who wants to improve your teamwork;
  • a Scrum-master (in both IT and non-IT spheres);
  • a Project Manager;
  • future Scrum-master;
  • a Product Owner;
  • startup manager.

The two-day training on Management 3.0 occurs according to an in-depth program:

  • A lot of practice: not only delegation cards, Kudo and Improv cards, but also games for determining motivation, working with the structure of teams, as well as modules on the salary formula, development of competencies, changes within the organization.
  • Mutual learning (the so-called learning from the back of the room) is something that many participants note (at one training they even created a list of literature for themselves).
  • Book. After the training, you will receive a copy of Jurgen Appelo's book How to Change the World with a detailed guide on how to be an agent of change.


Day 1
  • Agile management methods. Challenges when moving to Agile.
  • Complex thinking as the basis of work in a complex, changing environment.
  • Motivation of people: external and internal motivators, exercises to determine the motivation of employees.
  • Self-organization: how to empower teams with authority and autonomy, allocate responsibilities and delegate, build trusting relationships with employees. Poker and delegation boards.
Day 2
  • Combining / aligning process constraints. Setting goals in the organization. Inspirational Goals.
  • Development of competencies: 7 approaches. Best practices for hiring and measuring effectiveness.
  • Organization structure: building effective interactions, balance general knowledge and specialization.
  • Changes in the organization: how to be an agent of change in a complex environment.

Warranties and certificates


The participants attending both days receive an official nominal certificate Management 3.0

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Course coaches

Bogdan Misura

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  • Leading trainer, speaker with many years of experience, organizer of Agile events;
  • 16+ years of experience in software development;
  • 7+ years of training and coaching;
  • more than 3,000 training participants and students;
  • Agile / Scrum coaching conducted in 30+ companies around the world;
  • CEO -;
  • Co-Organizer Scrumdayua;
  • The First PTN Member ( in Ukraine;
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