Draw and enjoy! Scribing and sketchnoting for business

What can you do to make your audience 60% better and faster get your ideas? How to use creativity to unite a team in its pursuit of a goal? At a product presentation, conference, business meeting, sprint planning, or retrospective — visualize.
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DateComing Soon FormatOnline LanguageUkrainian/Russian Groupup to 16 people Duration16 hours
Visual thinking not only helps to invent and develop new projects. It normalizes emotional state, improves the quality of neural connections in the brain, helps to better remember information, and prevents burnout from information overload.
That is why Igor Zabolotny’s program “Draw and enjoy!” is a great solution for online team building, strategic sessions, and corporate events.
Scribing and sketchnoting mean that you supplement your story with sketches to make it clear and understandable. Scribing — on a large board/screen, sketching — on a small plane: a tablet, a sheet of paper, or even a paper napkin.
Our online training in scribing and sketchnoting is suitable for both complete beginners and true masters of art. Everyone can sketch. Yep, you too!
Who should attend

  • For Product Managers, Product Owners, Release Train Engineers
  • For directors and managers of all levels
  • For Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, trainers, and consultants
  • And for all who want to speed up and improve the quality of presentation and perception of information in work and business

You Will Learn About

  • Ways to relieve stress
  • How to cope with the fear of a blank slate
  • The visual alphabet and how to use it to visualize your ideas
  • How to draw people, professions, objects
  • How to highlight the important
  • How to sell ​​an idea with drawings
  • How to convey information faster and clearer not losing the attention and interest of listeners
  • How to create “speaking” drawings without overloading them with information
  • How to turn your teambuilding into something beautiful
  • How to find your work&life balance with a marker and get a fan, buzz and drive from it

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Topics covered

Bullets, markers, points

How to highlight the main thing.

Basics of visual storytelling

How to sell an idea with drawings. Case and practice — we create a story and present it in groups.

The formula for creating your first visual library


How to use the visual alphabet to depict 90% of your ideas.

Visual template for Networking

Practice in groups.

Visual alphabet

Creative exercise «How to find your style».

Where do business drawings begin

The formula for relieving stress and raising the level of dopamine (the hormone of happiness).

Arrows, guides

How to depict verbs, processes, schemes.

Drawing clients, partners

A quick way to draw people and teams.

How to draw professions

Faces and emotions

How to get rid of information overload

Case study.

Speech bubbles

How to make your drawings talk.


We draw a picture of achieving the goal, practice the skill in groups.

Visual feedback template

Practice in small groups.

Visual reflection

Creating a visual template “What’s in my mind”. Practice in small groups.

Creating a professional visual library

Visual templates

How to put everything on one sheet.

The formula of innovation

Practice in groups.

Case packaging

Practice in teams.

Presentation and feedback

Presentation of cases on a single sheet. Feedback. Selecting the winners. Presentation of prizes from Artscribe University and Neuland officials.

Trainer — Igor Zabolotnyi

Presentation agency owner, founder of the Artscribe University. Scriber, graphic facilitator, director, and artist of the business class presentations.

- My mission is to save the world from information overload with the help of business drawings.

Looking for how to spice up your presentations at the board and team meetings? How to add clarity to your ideas, how to make your speeches convincing? Igor Zabolotnyi's scribing and sketching course will help.

Igor’s top projects: Richard Brenson (USA), Kjell Nordström (Swiss), Evgeny Chichvarkin (UK).

He also worked with:

  • mobile providers: Lifecell, Vodafone;
  • banks: Альфа-банк, ПУМБ, UkrSibBank;
  • online-school: Роман з Китаєм;
  • business conferences: Global Inspiring Forum, TEDex;
  • international organizations: the UN;
  • construction companies: Saga;
  • law firms: Мережа правового розвитку, LVF;
  • pharmaceutical companies: GSK.

Trainer — Igor Zabolotnyi

Courses taught by Igor

Draw and enjoy! Scribing and sketchnoting for business