Design Thinking

Design thinking is a great training that helps to understand what your customer really needs and find a solution in the development/modification of the Product making it more attractive to customers.
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DateComing Soon FormatOnline LanguageUkrainian/Russian Groupup to 16 people Duration7 hours
Design Thinking methodology is an effective tool for creating innovations and solving existing problems.
The training will help those who work with clients and customers to effectively collect and formulate requirements, as well as solve business problems.
You will think through the process of communicating with the customer, understand the importance of empathy, and learn how to use design thinking tools to add value to the Product.
You will learn to create a truly desired Product. Knowledge of the Design Thinking methodology is the foundation of success for Product Owners, Product Managers, and Business Analysts.
Who should attend

  • For CEO and Product Owners
  • For Product Managers
  • For managers of all levels

You Will Learn About

  • Initial Practical Skills in Design Thinking
  • How to understand what your customers really need
  • How to determine the scope of requirements
  • How to make decisions using Design Thinking creative techniques

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Presentation (15 minutes)

What is Design Thinking?

Workshop “Design the Wallet” (7 hours)

Creating the perfect wallet

We empathize with the client, rethink the problem, come up with ideas, make changes based on feedback, create and test, and then draw conclusions.

Input session “Charetting”

Brainstorm: users and context. Another brainstorm: possible solutions.

Input session “Observation phase”

Interview. Warm-up: 10 things you need to know to open a restaurant.

Input session “POV phase”

Storytelling. Creating Persona and POV. Warm-up: what if. Generating ideas. Clustering. Choosing an idea for the prototype. Warm-up: The egg exercise.

Input session “Prototyping phase”

Doing prototypes.

Input session “Testing phase”

Testing. Presentations. I like / I wish.

The training materials are relevant and identical all over the world

The training materials are developed and supported by one of Scrum’s creators, Ken Schwaber, together with the PST community. They make sure that the materials always correspond to the latest practices and current situation in software development companies.

Our trainers conduct courses in their own style, according to their own experience, but the training materials are identical all over the world. Students learn the same things regardless of where the training takes place and who conducts it.