Certified Aware Leader Workshop: CAL-E + CAL-O

Guiding organizations amid uncertainty, rapid change, and interconnected complexity requires good leadership skills. Good leaders are self-aware, highly tuned to their situational environment, and able to engage others in a compelling vision of the future. This workshop supports the development of these critical competencies through the awareness and practice of specific mindsets and behaviors.
Starting on 01 Oct 2021, 05:00 pm
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Date01–29.10.2021 FormatOnline LanguageEnglish Groupup to 12 people Duration24 hours
Leadership Agility is the ability to recognize your leadership patterns and biases, step out of your routine ways of thinking and responding, role model agile values, and grow others and the organization.
We teach LEADERSHIP to enable agile ways of working and improve business outcomes. We don’t teach AGILE to leaders, there are plenty of other courses you can seek for that.
This course consists of 16 sessions every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 5 till 6:30 pm. Wednesday sessions are led by Pete Behrens, a creator of Agile Leadership Journey™, and other ones are led by Tmas Sattar and Eliza Zubaida.
After participating in the Agile Leadership Workshop, you will get three certificates and badges (Certified Agile Leadership — Essential Awareness, Certified Agile Leadership — Organizations, and Agile Leadership Journey Aware Leader) proving that you have learned the leader and organizational learning objectives of the course.
Who should attend

  • For executors and managers;
  • For stakeholders;
  • For everyone influencing the organization.

You Will Learn About

  • How to сommunicate a clear vision, align employees to that vision, and allow for adaptation in execution toward that vision – recognizing that most discovery and learning occur during execution
  • How to employ a growth mindset enabling employees to value diversity, be open to ideas of others, seek feedback, and improve their own capabilities – rather than relying on what has worked for them in the past
  • The importance of self-awareness of your own biases and triggers to remain in a constructive and creative mindset fostering a healthy, collaborative, trust-oriented, and productive organizational culture
  • Improving the decision making, team collaboration, and business results when operating in highly complex, uncertain, inter-dependent, and rapidly changing environments by integrating the value stream
  • How to engage employees without over-influencing or micromanaging them through inquiring before advising, active listening to align their thinking, and exploring alternatives to foster creative possibilities
  • How to increase employee satisfaction, engagement, and creativity through empowerment and other catalyst behaviors – reducing employee turnover and developing employee ownership, collaboration, and productivity
  • Diversifying risk through identifying and testing assumptions, experimenting with new approaches, collaborating with customers, delivering incremental value, and seeking feedback & feedforward earlier and more often
  • How to foster organizational adaptiveness enabling employees to more effectively break down traditional silos, collaborate to solve difficult problems, and better align toward corporate goals and customer needs
  • How to improve outcomes through balancing short-term business results with long-term organizational health to enable early and frequent value delivery combined with sustained growth
  • How to catalyze change, experiment with new ideas, and foster a growth mindset within your organization to adapt to the changing economy, technology, and the market

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After participating in the Agile Leadership Workshop, you will get the Certified Agile Leadership — Essential Awareness and Certified Agile Leadership — Organizations certificates and badges.

The Agile Leadership Journey Aware Leader Badge represents that the participant has completed the leader and organizational learning objectives.

The Certified Aware Leader Credential aligns with the Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Leadership I (CAL E, CAL T, and CAL O) credentials providing insight and awareness for leaders to discover new ways to think, focus, and behave.

80% of our students take the PSM and PSPO certification tests on Scrum.org on the first try.

Agile Leadership Modules

Module 1: Program Kickoff & Business Agility Context

Exploring the factors that have evolved to the current business need for increased agile and change-based approaches. Also includes introductions, agenda, and focus for the workshop.

Module 2: Agile Leadership Introduction

Learn a leadership development model promoting agile mindset and behaviors through catalyst leadership and how it shapes a culture of improved decisions, actions, and outcomes.

Module 3: Catalyst Leadership

Practice a co-creative technique to improve decisions/outcomes. Learn how micro-moments and everyday conversations and meetings shape the culture for agile ways of working.

Module 4: Catalyst Conversations

Introduce a simple conversation framework that promotes catalyst leadership enabling communication through difficult issues and empowers action and accountability.

Module 5: Catalyst Feedback

Learn how cognitive threats and rewards impact human thinking and behavior and how as leaders we can give and receive feedback to decrease threats and increase rewards.

Module 6: Catalyst Habits

Increase self-awareness of leadership habits and identify opportunities to improve reactions, thinking, and behaviors and how micro-moments shape culture for agile ways of working.

Agile Organization Modules

Module 1: Organizational Culture

Learn what organizational culture is, why organizational culture has such a critical impact on organizational effectiveness, and the leader’s role in shaping an agile culture on a broad scale.

Module 2: Agile Organizations

Explore case studies from organizations of differing cultures and their experimental mindset in shaping culture for agile ways of working through structures, policies, and metrics.

Module 3: Shaping Culture with Structures, Policies, and Measures

Explore the connection between organizational agile adoption, culture, and how these value systems need to be aligned for sustained agility over time.

Module 4: Aligning and Co-Creating Change

Explore your role in leading and establishing the vision, aligning the values, setting the conditions and measures, and removing the roadblocks for a successful cultural change journey.

Module 5: Leading Transitions in an Agile Way

Explore change and transition to successfully embark on a culture change journey and navigate the transition with an engaged, motivated, and purposeful workforce.

Module 6: Workshop Closure and Action Planning

Reflect on the experiences and learning from the workshop and develop a strategy to continue the personal and organizational development forward.



Pete Behrens

Pete Behrens guides leaders to transform themselves and their organizations toward agile ways of working and improved outcomes.Pete is a Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) Educator, providing awareness (CAL 1) and practice (CAL 2) for improved leadership competency and...

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Tawfiq Abdus Sattar

Tawfiq Abdus Sattar is an Agile Leadership Coach & Management 3.0 Facilitator, providing training and coaching for improving the professional & leadership competency and value delivery.Tawfiq is involved in agile transformation for organizations and provides guidance for increasing...

Learn more


Eliza Zubaida

Zubaida Tasmeen Eliza is an Agile Coach & Community Leader providing training and coaching for improving professional&leadership competency and value delivery. She has been involved in agile transformation for organizations and as well as in facilitating workshops on...

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The price includes:

  • Sixteen 90-minute sessions on Agile Leadership and Agile Organizations with Tawfiq Sattar, Zubaida Eliza, and Pete Behrens
  • Engagement and discussion in 12-people cohorts
  • Secure Zoom Video Conferencing and Visual Collaboration Platform built on the #1 Visual Management Collaboration Platform — Mural
  • Khan Academy Style Learning leveraging an industry-standard online learning approach where participants explore the education through videos and self-discovery and leverage our online engagements for dialog and practice
  • The Certified Agile Leadership — Essential Awareness, Certified Agile Leadership — Organizations, and Agile Leadership Journey — Aware Leader certificates and badges

Certified Aware Leader Workshop: CAL-E + CAL-O

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