How to become a Scrum Master and find a high-paying job

Did you know that the Scrum Master profession is in the top 20 highest-paid IT-professions in the world? So what is a Scrum Master? How to make your way to a career in Agile? Our webinar by a Professional Scrum Master and Agile Coach Bogdan Misyura is aimed to help you find the answers.
Starting on 26 Oct 2021, 07:00 pm
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Date26.10.2021 FormatOnline LanguageUkrainian/Russian Groupup to 24 people Duration60 minutes
Do you want to change your profession and are looking towards Agile methodologies? Yes, they are promising. But did you ever think about the personality traits you need to become a Scrum Master? Join our webinar and find out where your choice of a Scrum Master profession should start.
Education and profession. Courses, trainings, simulations. Free sources and paid certifications. What to learn, in what order to do it? Which certification trainings will make your CV sound strong? Why do only 1 in 5 people pass certification assessments on the first try without participating in in-person trainings? Bogdan Misyura will introduce the roadmap you can follow on your way to Scrum Mastery.
How to become a Scrum Master in your company? Yes, it’s possible. Even if your company doesn’t use Scrum. Listen and participate in a short talk about becoming a change agent in the organization.
All webinar participants will receive a time-limited 10% discount on the Management 3.0 Fundamentals training with Bohdan Misyura, which will take place online, on November 8-10.
This webinar is relevant

  • Developers, testers, and other members of Scrum Teams who are considering a change of direction
  • Those who have already taken on the role of Scrum Master in the organization and want to know how to improve their skills
  • Those who are not satisfied with the existing cascade model of teamwork, who want change and are ready to take it upon themselves
  • Everyone who is interested in the profession of Scrum Master and agile methodologies in general

Is this training relevant for you? We are here to answer.

Topics covered

What is Scrum Master

A brief talk about the role of the Scrum Master in the team and about combining the roles of Developer and Scrum Master. We will discuss the most common challenges the Scrum Masters are facing and the personal characteristics needed to become a Scrum Master.

Education and profession

Books, blogs, podcasts. Courses and trainings. The two major organizations certifying Scrum Masters: and ScrumAlliance. The Scrum Guide 2020 Reordered and why you must know it by heart.

Open format: question — answer

Facing a problem that is difficult to solve on your own? Want to make changes, but first consult about their relevance? Come up with questions, and Bogdan Misyura will help you with advice. Meet the cases of other industry professionals and learn from their experience.

Trainer — Bogdan Misyura

Bogdan Misyura is an experienced agilist, student, and friend of Jeff McKenna (the world's first Scrum Master), once a QA Engineer and QA Architect, and now an Agile coach of large companies around the world. He worked in Adobe as an Agile coach, Agile program manager, delivery manager. At various times, he provided Agile coaching at Netwertise, Levi9, Infopulse, Tieto, Альфабанк, Райффайзен, ПроКредитБанк, UDP Renewables, Plank Electrotechnic, Simbrella, ОТАКОЇ, Magento, and so on.

  • Leading trainer, experienced speaker, Agile events organizer
  • In software development since 2006
  • A coach and a trainer since 2013
  • More than 3000 training participants and students
  • Agile / Scrum coaching carried out in more than 30 companies around the world
  • CEO @
  • Co-organizer of the largest one-day conference on Scrum and Agile in Ukraine Scrumdayua
  • The first PTN (Professional Training Network) Member @ in Ukraine
  • PST (Professional Scrum Trainers) Candidate


- What made you interested in Management 3.0? Why is it so valuable for you?

- It has all started from the magnificent story of Jurgen Appelo. Common management is limited by its approach to a human as a resource. Management 3.0 is management with a human face, management of people, for people, and with people. This is the concept of Agile implementation through people, not through processes, documents, and rules.

Trainer — Bogdan Misyura

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How to become a Scrum Master and find a high-paying job (60 minutes)

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How to become a Scrum Master and find a high-paying job