Agile Software Engineering

Agile Software Engineering is an intermediate three-day, workshop-oriented course, in which you will learn the foundational principles and practices that make up the Agile Software Engineering discipline.
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DateComing Soon FormatOnline LanguageUkrainian/Russian Groupup to 16 people Duration24 hours
The discipline of software engineering has evolved with the introduction of Lean-Agile and DevOps principles and practices. New skills and approaches help organizations deliver software-centric solutions faster, more predictably, and with higher quality.
Agile Software Engineering online training is delivered through individual, pair, and group discussions in Zoom breakout rooms and with the use of interactive Miro/Mural tools.
Attendees learn how the continuous flow of value delivery and built-in quality are enabled by modern practices including XP technical practices, Behavioral-Driven Development (BDD), and Test-Driven Development (TDD).
This course attendance is obligatory for passing the Certified SAFe® 5 Agile Software Engineer exam.
Who should attend

  • For senior managers
  • For Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, and consultants
  • For software engineers and developers

You Will Learn About

  • Proven practices to detail, model, design, implement, verify, and validate stories in a SAFe Continuous Delivery Pipeline
  • The practices that build quality into code (abstraction, encapsulation, intentional programming) and designs (SOLID, Design patterns)
  • How Software Engineering fits into the larger solution context
  • Your role in collaborating on intentional architecture and DevOps

All are welcome to attend the course, regardless of experience. However, the following prerequisites are highly recommended:

  • Understanding of SAFe for Teams
  • Background in engineering, development, managing development, or quality assurance

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Completion of the Agile Software Engineering course gives you access to the exam and all related study materials as part of your Learning Plan in the SAFe Community Platform.

You need to take the exam within 30 days of course completion. The exam is in English.

No matter if the attendees pass the exam, they can get 4 or 12 Professional Development Units (PDUs) for the certain PMI certification.

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Topics‌ ‌covered‌

Introduction to Agile Software Engineering

Connecting Principles, and Practices to Built-In Quality

Accelerating Flow

Applying Intentional Architecture

Thinking Test-First

Discovering Story Details

Creating a Shared Understanding with Behavior-Driven Development (BDD)

Communicating with Models

Building Systems with Code Quality

Building Systems with Design Quality

Implementing with Quality

Agile Software Engineering