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Organizations Toward Agile: Management 3.0

How sprints, meetings and roles in Scrum work can be understood if you study Scrum Guide and Scrum trainings. But what exactly should team members and especially Agile managers do to motivate each other and manage development in a changeable environment? What are the games for teams, the practice of motivation, how to delegate correctly?

In 2010, Jurgen Appelo, the founder of Happy Melly, tried to answer these questions and created Management 3.0. And now this system is taught in more than 80 countries, including Ukraine.

A little bit of history

In 2010, Jurgen Appelo released the book Management 3.0. He explaines in simple words about how to practically apply complex and systemic thinking in management – in fact, the practical base of Agile.

As the business developed, and flexible management began to come not only in IT, in 2016 a revised version of the book – “Management 3.0 Workout” with the title “Managing for happiness” appeared. Management 3.0 practitioners are currently using Bosch, CSS Insurance, Eventbrite, Topps, and Zendesk. The system site also carefully collects cases.

Here are some good examples:

  • Eventbrite successfully uses the exercises “Personal card” and Moving Motivators for personnel management: it easily visualizes how in the best way to involve each specific employee in the work.
  • Stefanini created an attractive atmosphere for Java programmers, who at that time were hard to keep in the company. They used practices such as Kudo Box, Delegation Poker, celebration grid.

The first Management 3.0 training in Ukraine in 2013 was conducted by a group of enthusiasts together with Bogdan Misiura, who soon after became a certified Management30 trainer in Ukraine from Happy Melly, the official organization for Management 3.0 in the world.

Management 3.0 Meaning

On the official website, the definition is extremely simple: project management is everyone’s work. A new type of management is “also a definition of leadership, where management is the responsibility of the group. It’s about how to work together effectively, so that the business achieves its goals, and the happiness of employees is maintained at a high level as one of the principal priorities. ”

All this became possible because of self-organization. We heard a lot about it, but how to achieve it in reality? Jurgen Appelo illustrates the path to new organization management with the help of a nice tree named Marty, each branch of which is an important aspect of self-organized work:

  • how to charge people;
  • how to give teams power;
  • how to set limits;
  • how to develop competencies;
  • how to grow the structure in the organization;
  • How to constantly improve processes and product.

The leader in such a system is not an authoritarian person who decides issues for everyone, but a kind of servant and one of his principal tasks is to guarantee an atmosphere of initiative and mutual support.

All these topics in any Happy Melly course are revealed not just theoretically but through practical exercises and fun analogies from various fields of knowledge, from mountaineering to the custom of ridiculous dressing up at Dutch national festivals.

Project management 3.0

The good news is that Jurgen trainings can be counted as certification units for project managers (PMI PDUs, i.e. Project Management Institute’s project development units, and PMI-ACPs, i.e. PMI agile certified practitioner credits). In our realities, it means that Management 3.0 helps to build any self-organized team, and not just the one that works with Scrum.

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