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01.01.1970 - 01.01.1970
Starts at 03:00
Management 3.0 Short is a one-day certification workshop for modern Agile Management, which will turn upside down your attitude towards the Team and Organization
Course purpose

Course purpose

Building a microclimate and trusting relationships in a team, ways to motivate, increasing the professionalism and responsibility of employees, instilling a flexible management philosophy and practical tools for its implementation are all Management 3.0.
The course will help you.

The course will help you.

The course is based on a list of practical exercises while doing which participants on their own experience master the basic principles of product development in Agile. This form of work, which is closest to reality, allows achieving a greater effect and greater participants satisfaction from the training!
The course will help you

The course will help you

  • for managers wishing to switch to a new management style
  • middle managers
  • team leaders who want to improve teamwork
  • Scrum-masters (IT and non-IT spheres)
  • PMs and team leaders
  • future Scrum-masters,
  • Product Owners
  • startup managers.


  • Flexible management. The basic principles of a modern management view;
  • Theory of complex thinking;
  • Practical tools to revitalize people;
  • How to properly empower teams and why management needs it;
  • Combination / alignment of process restrictions;
  • Development of competencies;
  • growth of structure;
  • change management theory

Game practical tools for working with development teams to achieve the above points, such as:

  • Kudo Box and Kudo cards
  • Personal Maps
  • Delegation Boaeds anddelegation Poker
  • salary formula
  • Merit money
  • yay! Questions and celebrations grids
  • Champfrogs checklists and moving motivators

Warranties and certificates


The participants attending both days receive an official nominal certificate Management 3.0

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