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01 Jan 1970, 12:00 am

Backlog decomposition for Product Owners and others

If you often hear the following:

  • - Oh no, it definitely won’t fit in one sprint!
  • - There is no place to break, these user stories can’t be smaller.
  • - This is a single whole, it is impossible to break this task into smaller ones…

Then this workshop is for you.

Starting on 01 Jan 1970, 12:00 am
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You will learn why to decompose backlog elements, how to do it, as well as try a number of effective methods that are sure to come in handy.
You can play backlog decomposition in breakout rooms, and a trainer will help you sort out mistakes and consolidate the material with a quick practice.
The workshop is held in an open format, so you can ask your questions and even receive a brief analysis of your problem cases. Doubting which training to choose? Do not fully understand what will be discussed at the Professional Scrum Product Owner training? Then you are at the right place.
All workshop participants will receive a 10% discount on PSPO training with Bogdan Onishchenko, which will be held online on February 25-27.
Who can attend

  • Product and Project Managers
  • Product Owners and Business Analysts
  • Developers, testers, and other members of Scrum teams who want to know why they receive unclear tasks and overly generalized stories and where to send their managers for training 😉

Is this training relevant for you? We are here to answer.

Topics Covered


What is backlog decomposition, why do we divide it into epics and stories, and what these stories should be. Briefly in essence, because often even the coolest pros forget the basics.


We will split into teams and try to decompose the given backlog in the breakout rooms. Then go out, analyze mistakes, and try again. Then look at our own result – have we managed to improve the approach?

Q&A session

Any questions? Have a hot case and want to brainstorm with the community? Thinking about training, but doubt which one is needed and whether it is needed at all at this stage of your career development? Feel free to share your questions, and the trainer and your mates will do their best to help.

Workshop “Backlog decomposition for Product Owners and others” (1 hour)

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Backlog decomposition for Product Owners and others

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