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We will help your company to agile. Agile transformation is the process of transitioning the current model of the company to a new one, with a change in the mind set, which takes from several weeks to several months.


  • innovative companies;
  • western market companies oriented;
  • those who do not fit the cascade model of product development (waterfall);
  • large corporations;
  • product companies that operate in the international market.

Sometimes it is not really easy to move from conservative management to Agile, especially for large companies. What is flexibility? Is it applicable in your workflow? How to modernize the organization, management methods and employees approach? How to do the work efficiently, qualitatively and, moreover, with pleasure? Is there a difference in the transformation of food, outsourcing companies and companies outside the IT industry?

We will talk about this and much more with you before helping to agile. After all, the issues and difficulties that organizations face can be completely different, as they themselves.

Leading trainers will introduce you to the basic values, algorithms, mrthodologies and techniques with which you can track the improvement of work results and the quality raise of employees.

To start the transformation, you need:

  1. Contact us.
  2. Describe the problem and arrange a meeting, after which we will build a transformation strategy together.

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