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Agile manifest

Agile Manifest and Fundamental Principles of Agile Manifest

Agile software development manifest

We constantly discover more advanced software development methods, directly developing and helping the others with it. Thanks to the work done, we were able to realize that:

  1. People and interaction are more important than processes and tools
  2. A working product is more important than comprehensive documentation.
  3. Collaboration with the customer is more important than negotiating contract terms
  4. Readiness for changes is more important than following the original plan.

That is, without denying the importance of the right side, nevertheless, we value what is on the left side more.

Fundamentals of the Agile Manifest

We follow these principles:

— The highest priority for us is the customers’ needs satisfaction

by delivering valuable software early and regularly.

— Changing requirements are welcome, even in the later stages of development.

Agile processes let you use changes to provide the customer with competitive advantages.

— A working product should be released as often as possible, at intervals

from a couple of weeks to a couple of months.

— Throughout the project, developers and business representatives should work together every day.

— Motivated professionals should work on the project. To make work done, create conditions, provide support and fully trust them.

— Direct communication is the most practical and effective way to exchange information both with and within the team.

— A working product is a key indicator of progress.

— Investors, developers and users should be able to maintain a current constant rhythm. Agile helps to provide such a sustainable development process.

— Continuous attention to technical excellence and quality design increases the flexibility of the project.

— Simplicity — the art of minimizing unnecessary work — is essential.

— The best requirements, architectural and technical solutions are born be self-organized teams.

— The team should systematically analyze possible ways of effectiveness improvements and according to that correct their work style.